Push SMS

Push SMS refers to the ability to request SMS services (e.g. ringtones or games) from a wireless handset via sending a preset SMS code to a predetermined phone number. The requested service then is sent back to the handset via SMS.

Push SMS, in technical terms, is a coded message, which instructs the terminal to initiate a session. It is also a process of sending an SMS message to another device; however it is a request that works similarly to WAP Push.

Push SMS is designed to ease the process of downloading content or registering to services of businesses or providers. Push messages automatically instructs the mobile phone to open a multimedia content or webpage using WAP, with or without the supervision of the recipient person. This process sends a special code via SMS message to a phone number, requesting the initiation of the service attached to that code from the holder of the phone number. Push SMS messages are used to surpass the basic text content of an SMS message, enabling more functions with SMS messaging.

When someone receives a Push SMS, then an option is given within a message whether to open the content or not. Many times the content is already downloaded, and it only requires the user to open the received message and view the attached content.

There are two types of WAP Push messages:

  1. Service indication (SI) messages
    SI is the most common and secure type of Push messages, since the message informs the mobile phone that a URL needs to be visited, and includes a confirmation from the user, whether he/she wishes to open the included link on the mobile device. It gives users the option to directly connect to the URL that was specified in the message.

  2. Service Load (SL) messages
    The other type, the (SL) does not offer this option, but automatically opens it without an alert. This is not the best solution, since it can have security issues, therefore it is not popular and some cell phones even ignore SL type Push messages.
There are several benefits to use Push SMS, for instance to advertise a product or service, or to quickly access vital information. When the trigger is initiated, or the recipient agrees to open the attached content, Push SMS can open a variety of contents, like the following:
  • MMS messages
  • Webpages
  • JAVA applications
  • Images
  • Games
  • Ringtones
  • News items

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